day one in numbers

One day down, ?? to go

Five minute bike + trailer ride to the drop-in centre

Thirty minutes shaping playdough

Two ears full of sand

One and a half futile hours working on naptime

Four readings of “One Duck Stuck”

Three to five milliliters of infant tylenol clandestinely consumed

One call to poison control

Zero cause for alarm

One urgent child-proofing project identified

Two loads of laundry

One stroller trip for the essentials: laundry detergent and wine

Two necklace projects

Fifty-eight beads on the living room floor

One sleeping girl

One over-tired cranky boy

One dad on the case

One tired, happy mom


5 responses to “day one in numbers

  1. Yeah!! You did it. Too bad about the call to poison control….

    This blog is a great idea, Leah.

  2. Love this.
    If I had a blog, mine today would read that my kid ate popcorn for lunch and watched too many videos while wearing shorts that are too small because the ones that fit are dirty.

  3. Yay for supermoms! Good work on keeping them alive ALL DAY on day one (although it sounds like it was close with the poison control incident). Keep blogging. I need stuff to read at work to procrastinate actually DOING my work … Don’t you miss that part?


  4. so fun. I like your chapter four concept.

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