pretty fun, so far

I’m liking this at-home thing (she says on day three). This morning I made spaghetti sauce from scratch in my pajamas. It’s still a novelty being home so it’s still a novelty to be able to cook when I feel like cooking rather than rushing to make something while the tired, hungry kids are hanging on my legs.

Yesterday I made bagels (bagels!). We easily go through 4 or 5 bagels a day and the good ones at the neighbourhood grocery store cost 65 cents each. Baking bagels fulfills my two goals of saving money and occupying the kids. Actually, I got excited and made them while both kids were napping but next time I’ll share the fun.

Today we went to the park where the kids braved the freezing-cold wading pool and Malli, despite strong discouragement, insisted on using his shoe as a boat. K. came home to find them both (not me) naked in the backyard wearing only rubber boots. It’s nice not having much of an agenda.


One response to “pretty fun, so far

  1. message from a Kiwi Bagel Virgin 🙂

    Any chance of adding a recipe and instructions on how to make them.
    Love to give it a try 🙂
    Love the pic of your wee guys in their boots.
    Middle of winter here and mine are often found outdoors in similar attire 🙂

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