yay comments!

Wow! How does a bagel virgin in New Zealand found my brand-new blog just like that! I’m in internet-awe. The bagel recipe is John D. Lee’s handrolled water bagels.

I used whole wheat flour and dipped the bagels in sesame seeds after boiling and before baking. The seeds didn’t stick very well but other recipes I saw said you could brush on egg whites before adding seeds to make them stick.

Happy bagel-making!


2 responses to “yay comments!

  1. Yay, good for you (making bagels AND staying at home)!! I don’t think you’ll ever regret it (making bagels OR staying at home). Andrew’s between jobs right now, you guys should connect! Are you in the city or SL right now?

  2. Just catching up and thanks so much for the link. maybe next week will be home made bagels in our house:-)
    No idea how I stumbled upon your blog…probably searching for something quite unrelated:-)
    So glad to have ‘met’ you and your family.:-)

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