It’s very interesting how people react when I tell them I’ve quit my job to stay home with the kids. Eyebrows raise. Most people say “good for you! … it goes by so fast … you’ll never regret it”. But there have been a few instances where people pause, look concerned, and then conjure up a “oh, how nice for the kids”. I’m starting to wonder if they think that, by staying home, I’m somehow judging them negatively for not doing the same. I’m really not.

Tomorrow is my first daycare day!! My one day off per week to do exciting things like grocery shop, pack for our trip to see the cousins, and resurrect my planning skills to prepare a minor variance application for my aunt.

Letting the kids in on a little bagel-making action this time.

Trying on winter clothes to see what’s ready to be handed down to baby Ian.

Akka waiting to be picked up for her play date. Malli… hard to say… maybe looking for his other boot.


2 responses to “reactions

  1. Yay! Visiting cousins! When are you coming again?

  2. I realized today that maybe I DO have time to make bagels or spaghetti sauce because somehow in the past 2 days I’ve found time to do 14 loads of laundry. (long story about why so much) And I’m not done yet! But I get a break tomorrow because it’s not a babysitter day and so maybe I’ll make bagels with my boy. Or something else, since he seems to live on berries.

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