Today I learned that to make playdough, you have to cook it. I remember making playdough as a kid but I thought we just assembled ingredients – I don’t remember it being a stovetop activity. But all the recipes I found online said to heat it up. I used the Nature’s Playdough recipe but with no beet juice or food colouring on-hand, I coloured one lump with turmeric and one with paprika. Mmmm… spicy playdough.

Akka has been using it to make birthday cakes. Apparently Malli and I are both turning 2. She is turning 13. Malli wasn’t into the playdough so much. Instead, he went around the house spitting on things and then proudly declaring them “all wet”.


3 responses to “playdough

  1. Well I’ve just checked my greasy little recipe card and ‘Nature’s Playdough’ is the very ‘Gourmet Playdough’ we made when you were little. Don’t you think the 1/2 tsp of salt is funny? And who every used cream of tartar in anything else! I think your spice additions are brilliant.

    The back of my card has recipes for paste, finger paint, and cornstarch clay! Just ask 🙂

  2. I can’t stand your demonstration parenting.

  3. Seriously. Are you showing off or something? I can barely make dinner, let alone playdough.

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