full disclosure

This blog has prompted several people to name me supermom. I think it’s the bagels. The bagels are indeed fabulous but I’m no supermom. I only write about the things that we do that I’m proud of and that I want to show off. But that doesn’t mean we’re filling our days with pride-worthy activities. I find the supermom label kind of embarrassing, not to mention inaccurate, so in the interest of full disclosure, here’s what else goes on around here:

  • The other day I spent several hours on the verge of tears practically begging both kids to have naps. It worked, incidentally, but I still wouldn’t recommend it.
  • I couldn’t convince Akka to get dressed so she went to the park in dinosaur pajamas. Then I let her pee on the dirt very very close to the wading pool full of children because Malli was in the water so I couldn’t take her farther away.
  • I set the play tent up too close to the edge of the deck and Malli rolled the tent, and himself, down two steps into the grass.
  • Both kids have had a minimum of 3 popsicles per day in the last week.
  • Malli often has his nap in the garage. If he falls asleep in the bike trailer I don’t dare touch him or he’ll wake up so I leave him to nap in the garage while Akka and I go inside.
  • Akka says she’s the mom of her “guys” (her stuffed animals). The father is Nuk and he’s at work. At work he draws and checks his email. This one isn’t really a slacker-mom example; I just think she’s funny. Although there’s a slacker element in there because I feel a bit guilty that my 3 year old knows what checking email is. Obviously this is what I tell her I’m doing when I sit here and type, not playing with her.
  • Today I tried to make cookies because two friends were coming over for tea and we had no cookies and Akka was sleeping so I couldn’t go to the store to get some. This is how they turned out:

… more like a cookie pancake that had to be cut into cookie bars. And the recipe called for “quick” oats but I didn’t have any so I used “undisclosed-speed” oats which ended up being hard and chewy. I tend to read recipes more like suggestions than hard and fast rules. I prefer to trust that if I like all the ingredients, I’ll like them all mixed together and heated up. The resulting cookies, however, make me wonder if the unmarked measuring cup that I always thought was a 2/3 cup is actually a 3/4 cup. Do they even make 2/3 measuring cups?


8 responses to “full disclosure

  1. i always thought the term ‘supermom’ sounded like an insult…

  2. Phew! But I’d feel better if you just let them watch TV for hours and let them just eat goldfish crackers and unwashed grapes for lunch.

    I, um, have never done that.

  3. Just a quick comment- Your children will have wonderful stories to pour over later in life thanks to this blog. Keep it up! It’s fun reading for me, too!

  4. undisclosed-speed oats. that’s funny.

  5. have i told you lately that i love you? those cookies were great!! for me it is pickles and popsicles. for dinner tonight anabel ate 3 pickles, some cucumber slices and 3 “tiger bites” of a tuna melt. we all gotta do what works.
    big hugs to you. keep writing!

  6. Oh you make me pee! So funny and true.

  7. You made granola bars. Works for me!

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