ok, fine, so it can get a little dull

One month in to Chapter 4, I can see the potential for monotony in this at-home life. But I’m still having fun and I still get little thrills in the mornings from realizing that I don’t need to pack anyone up and get out the door and be on time for anything.

However, the mid-morning weighing of options is getting repetitive: library? park? drop-in centre? museum? backyard?

I’ve had monotonous days in every job I’ve had. And there was a certain amount of repetition in powerpoint presentations, zoning by-law amendment applications and planning rationale reports. So it’s to be expected.

At the end of the day yesterday, my response to the monotony was to wait for K to get home, announce to him that all four of us were going to the pub, pack up diversions for the kids in two backpacks and set off down the street:

It was a moderate success. They didn’t play with any of the toys in the backpacks but we did sit under a lovely grape trellis which afforded them a supply of unripe grapes to launch at one another. They only annoyed half the clientele (and charmed the other half). We didn’t manage anything so luxurious as an adult conversation but I only had to chug the very last quarter of my pint before it was time to pack up and march home.


One response to “ok, fine, so it can get a little dull

  1. Yah! I am so happy to hear that someone else feels the same way I do! Is there some unwritten rule that moms are not allowed to feel bored by their children on occasion?? I love my baby, and I am so happy to have this time off to spend time with her…but…sometimes the days feel very, very long. How many times can one person sing, “the wheels on the bus” without wanting to tear her hair out! Now, having said that, I totally don’t want to go back to work in january. The thought of leaving grace at daycare makes me feel sick.
    Anyway, I really enjoyed reading your blog. You are a great writer! I look forward to reading more!

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