being nice to living things

When I was pregnant with Malli I was secretly afraid that he’d be a boy because then I’d have to have a BOY and boys are rough and clumsy and sometimes, sometimes do mean things to animals. I’ve always been the type to dwell on small cruelties and once cried for hours when our family dog came upon a chipmunk nest and bounded out with one in her jaws. I still feel guilty for deliberately bouncing a basketball on an ant on the sidewalk outside my house. That was about 26 years ago.

So, I watch the kids closely when they’re picking up worms or snails in our yard and I remind them often to be gentle and not to hurt things. And they’re both mostly gentle and Malli is no rougher than Akka in this realm. There may have been a worm that got a little over-handled or a snail that had to deal with a pokey stick in its house but for the most part they get it.

We trapped a mouse in the kitchen and Akka helped me let it go in the park.

Then the other night I roasted a chicken which, for those of you know me, is a bit out-of-character. Oh well, at least I’m inconsistent.


One response to “being nice to living things

  1. Inconsistent, yes. But wasn’t it delicious?

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