When Akka was a few months old we took a mom + baby yoga class. And there was a discussion after every class about various baby and new parent topics. A big one was relationships: you have to make time to date your partner. You have to make time for each other. The baby will swallow everything up. I thought it was nonsense. Our baby didn’t take time away from us – she WAS us. We wanted to bring her everywhere with us and she was small and gorgeous and portable and easy. We traveled far and wide and near and narrow with her wrapped up against his chest or mine.

Fast forward three years: we’ve got two babies and they’re not so portable and naps need to be taken lying down and bed time happens at a certain time and solid food needs to be prepared and ingested every few hours and now I see what those make-time-for-each-other people were taking about.

So, we’re starting to figure out babysitters. And tonight, as befitting two left-wing geeks, we went out to a panel discussion called Market Meltdown: Capitalism and the Crisis of Neoliberalism organized by the Socialist Project.

Very interesting and very refreshing (for me) to be able to sit down for a beer afterwards and have something to discuss in addition to Akka’s attempts to write her own name (wildly impressive, but perhaps only for those very close to her) and Malli’s flashbacks to his fall down the stairs (he says “tumble tumble tumble – kaboom!”  and won’t walk down alone but don’t worry, he’s fine).

A couple of pints, then a quick bike ride home to kiss the sleeping kids and and eat their left-over dinners since we can’t afford to both pay the babysitter and buy a nice meal out. Still worth it.


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