akka’s new tricks

With the kids being the ages that they are, it’s Malli who is most often surprising us with new tricks: new words, complete sentences, actual jumping (not just the rapid knee-straightening that toddlers think is jumping before they manage to get air). And when we fall all over ourselves at one of Malli’s little milestones, Akka understandably and annoyingly resorts to baby talk and whining to get attention. She’s no dummy – but imitating Malli is the wrong tactic. Especially when her fabulous three-year-old self can pick up a pencil and do this:

At the park she asked if she could hold the camera and take some pictures. Then she snapped away all afternoon, pausing only for me to recharge the camera battery. Here is a selection from her first photo shoot:


2 responses to “akka’s new tricks

  1. Hooray, peanut!!! Fantastic!! Love Reecia and Matt!

  2. Akka,
    You’re amazing!

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