I just closed the door on a boyscout

Does anyone else loathe having people you don’t know knock on your door in the evening? I just hate it. I never want to give money or time to anyone at my door. So this poor little boyscout just got the brush-off and now I feel like a jerk. Poor little guy. Probably has to raise money and wanted me to pledge him in a  something-a-thon. I just hate that kids have to do this door-to-door fundraising. I dread having my kids do it. I’ll probably just buy everything they’re selling so they won’t have to (and so I won’t have to stand on the sidewalk and watch them ring doorbells). Never mind that I especially wouldn’t want to support the boyscouts with their history of systemic homophobia and intolerance; I still feel bad for this little kid. Plus, his mom or dad probably saw me brush him off and now thinks I’m the bitch of the neighbourhood. Sigh.

3 responses to “I just closed the door on a boyscout

  1. I love the categories you chose for this entry: city – navel-gazing. Very nice.

  2. That’s hilarious. In a moment of standing at the door impatience, I once pledged money – which AZ ran to tactfully unpledge. Poor confused SPCA person.

  3. oh freg. my note got deleted. Was typing: can’t you check out the unwanted solicitor before you open (or not) the door? For us, if the doorbell rings and noone is at the back door, I know it’s someone I don’t know at the front door, so no need to go down. The extremely annoying thing that happens to us ALL the time is the neighbour kids doing ‘ring and run’ in the evening. GAH! The other annoyance are the telephone solicitors, which seem to have recently increased tenfold.

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