first snow

I decided to let Akka compose this post:

me: “Akka, what do you want to say about the snow?”

Akka: “Write your name. You just wrote my name so write your name… No! Write Amma ok? Write Amma!

me: “What else?”

Akka: “Now write Thaththa.”

me: “What about the snow?”

Akka: “Lily and Rahul and Joanna. Now you can just write somebody. Just those letters. Just those letters ok? Yeah, you can do a long line if you want, ok? Now, that’s enough writing, that’s enough writing!”

me: “But I want you to tell me something about the snow.”

Akka: “Write happy birthday. But that is the rule. Write happy birthday! Now put the pictures up.”





One response to “first snow

  1. Awesome! I think her style is very Virginia Woolf.

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