I need a nap

My whole day is organized around nap time. I try to get the kids out and active in the morning so that they’ll sleep after lunch and I can do some exciting things like clean the kitchen, put in a load of laundry, or look for the living room rug under the toys and books. I can’t overstate my glee when both kids nap at the same time. When they don’t, I have a considerably shorter fuse by dinner time.

Akka is growing out of her need for a nap. She naps maybe two days out of five. The biggest problem that this presents (other than her continued wakeful presence) is that I have to find something to occupy her while I get Malli to sleep. This something has to be quiet and it has to keep her in a separate room. Books and toys rarely work. She tires of them and comes looking for me and Malli sees her and gets up to play. Closing a door doesn’t work. She gets upset and gets loud and Malli gets up to see what he’s missing. Here’s what works: television. We’re not super-anti-TV (or, I suppose, we wouldn’t have one) but I’m not thrilled about the kid watching it every day. More than that, I’m not thrilled about hearing “caniwatchtv caniwatchtv caniwatchtv caniwatchtv” over and over again. Now that she has a taste for it, we get the request more and more. Malli even asks for it (although he’s just mimicking her, and he also asks for money, cookies and beer).

In an effort to break the TV-naptime pattern, I put some kids’ stories and music on my ipod and tried to get her to settle in to that instead. It worked for a while but I’m worried she’s going to figure out how to unlock the hold switch and blast her little ears out.


Yesterday she got scared by something on TV, turned it off and came running in to us. Luckily Malli was far enough gone that he didn’t get up and she crawled in with us and actually snoozed too. That’s a tactic I’ll have to explore: plant well-timed scary characters on TV to send her in for cuddles just as she’s getting sleepy.

Malli has not outgrown the need for naps. The other day they were too rowdy so I gave up on naps and stomped back downstairs. An hour or so later Akka and I were in the living room when I realized that we hadn’t heard from the little boy in a while:


Wait, is that the kitchen floor!? And instead of scooping up the precious child and putting him safely into a cozy bed you started snapping pictures?!

That’s right. And I took the time to get a good a close-up too. Damn kid should sleep at nap time if he’s so freaking tired.



2 responses to “I need a nap

  1. I LOVE it. You didn’t give him beer, did you?

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