marble run!

It’s snowy and cold. The snow is exciting but it’s not packing snow and with the wind blowing it’s not very pleasant to play outside. I was also hungover from the neighbourhood moms’ night out (about which I have been forbidden to blog in any more detail because it involved some embarrassing karaoke).

For an inside hangover activity, I recommend building a train-track-cardboard-car-ramp marble run:


4 responses to “marble run!

  1. brilliant…let me let me!

  2. um, I may have taken over a little bit. They were allowed to play as long as they didn’t screw it up! Akka was into it. Malli wanted to eat the marbles.

  3. Very cool. You seem almost more excited about it than the kids. Did you ever let THEM play?

  4. Julian loved this video. He’s obsessed with trains and made me push “play again” 10 times.

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