merry happy

Our mongrel family celebrates bits and pieces of holidays. Every evening Akka runs to turn off the Christmas tree lights so she can see the Channukah candles better. We haven’t integrated K’s Buddhism into the mix yet (and Marxists don’t really have holiday-packed calendars) but as the moon grows full in May I’ll remind him that we need to make some lanterns for Vesak.



K is in Sri Lanka for four weeks. We’ve been talking via skype and aiming the computer out the window to show the Sri Lankan family all the snow. K keeps saying we should build a snowman but having grown up in the tropics he has no sense for the nuances of packing snow. In the last few days, however, the temperature did rise enough to set a snowman and the beginnings of a snow fort (complete with abominable tickler):




2 responses to “merry happy

  1. Look at that awesome red jacket!

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