One of the fun things about kids is that they don’t know shit. For example, they don’t know that balloons can stick to walls, until you show them. So when Akka came home from next door with her pockets full of (un-inflated) balloons, we had an impromptu static party. First we played don’t-let-the-balloon-touch-the-floor but they weren’t very good at it and they just jumped around shrieking as the balloons fell gently to the floor. Then I remembered the static game. After years of hair-smoothing and static-fighting, it was a challenge to deliberately rub a balloon on my head. But since my hair is much longer than theirs, it did make for a nice effect. Then, using their hair-static, I stuck the balloons to the wall.


img_2291-copy img_2299


Like jumping into a pile of leaves, simple balloon games are 1) super-fun and b) a bit boring to anyone over the age of four (or maybe ten).

They’re also 3) super-fun again when your kids are under the age of four (or maybe ten).


What do you think?

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