go play in the basement!

We have a new playroom! My mom and I spent two days cleaning, sorting, organizing and disposing of three years of basement stuff. Then we laid down some old rugs and scrap carpet, threw the loudest and biggest toys downstairs and proceeded to send the kids to the basement at every opportunity. It’s working like a charm. We had friends over the other night with two boys and all four kids stayed downstairs for ages, allowing the grown-ups uninterrupted eating and wine-drinking time. This may not sounds like much but to me, it’s a major turning point 3.5 years in the making.

I wish we’d taken a before picture. Here’s the after:




One response to “go play in the basement!

  1. Oh! I could comment on all your entries. We, too, have a basement playroom! We put down this very excellent basement flooring material called Dri-Core (I think it’s just http://www.dricore.com) if you ever want to … take the floor up a notch or whatever. (It would make your basement warmer and drier, no matter how warm and dry it already is.)

    Also: some of my fondest memories are of hanging out in my childhood home’s basement laundry room with my baby bro.

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