television nostalgia (and forts)

When I was a kid television wasn’t so annoying. Sesame Street was unpolished and cool and not loud. (Granted, the care bears were pretty annoying and I liked them too). The kids ate their cereal this morning watching old Sesame Street clips: Number 10, Number 12 and Count it Higher. Holy crap, I just found that one in German. That might come in handy. We’re planning a reunion of Toronto, London and Colombo family in Berlin in April. I could have the kids counting to ten in German by then. As it is, Akka is walking around saying “one and zero means ten”. If I choose the right youtube clips, I’ll never have to actually teach them anything.

I am proud to say they’ve now abandoned the flickering screen to build a fort for their guys. Akka tells me there are 12 kids in there. See? It’s working already.



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