family rainy day public transit adventure

Faced with a rainy day in Berlin, we were short on ideas. We spent the last rainy day at a mall in Alexanderplatz that has a nice-enough food court with big windows facing the train station. I’m not proud of spending the day in the mall but at least I was able to sip cappuccino while the kids counted trains. But that plan was really only going to work once. The next rainy day was spent getting wet kicking balls around in the park and then sitting around the apartment. By mid-afternoon the sun was peeking through and the kids were climbing the walls so we set out with transit passes and no plan.

Puddles with new Sri Lankan backpacks and new German scarves:


We got on the tram, checked the map, and got off at a nearby lake to watch the waves and practice skipping.





After about 10 minutes (enough for Akka to comment “that was a nice trip to the lake”) we got back on the tram. The kids drove it, actually:


After a snack of giant pretzels, we got on the S-bahn train.


By now we’d chosen a destination: Marzahn. A suburb of Berlin, Marzahn was built in the 1970s and 1980s to relieve a housing shortage in East Berlin. It’s all pre-fab apartment blocks and I was looking forward to seeing row upon row of communist-era concrete slabs. Instead we hopped off the train and saw this:


Fancy new mall. The concrete slabs are still there, but they’re a bit more hidden.


I wanted to see more but I’ll have to come back again to explore. The kids were tired and hungry and the wind was gusty and cold. We ducked inside for food and shelter and before long the afternoon got sucked away by yet another mall.



3 responses to “family rainy day public transit adventure

  1. Alice Birnbaum

    OMG, I LOVE the new backpacks. And Malli’s sweatshirt. And the driving of the trains. And even the uber-malls. Why am I not visiting you right now?

  2. Mall-ology–that’s a sub-discipline in Sociology!!

  3. Those backpacks rock.

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