malli’s new hat

My mother has arrived in Berlin for a visit bringing with her a beautiful hand-made hat that I had ordered from left-handed scissors in Vancouver. Malli is tremendously pleased with it.


Tucked away in the package was a surprise big-sister gift as well – a lovely flower barrette for Akka to set off her new haircut:


I thought that having my mother deliver the hat in June would be silly since we’d be in full summer. Sadly, that is not the case and Malli has been wearing his hat to the cold and rainy park. He also wears it in front of the mirror and swishes the pom pom around very gracefully.


2 responses to “malli’s new hat

  1. hey – thanks for the nice words! The pom pom looks a bit long – you can always shorten it by pulling it through on the other side (even go all the way pom-pom-on-top-80s style)

  2. I wondered about that. I think they elongated the pom poms with a hat-twirling duel just before I made the video…

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