“four years ago today…”

I wrote Malli’s story first and today it’s Akka’s turn.

Akka, four years ago today, you were born. Four years ago yesterday we didn’t know each other and I wasn’t anybody’s mum yet. It was a hot, hot night and I had been walking around all day. That night, I started to feel that you were coming. Suddenly you were in a great hurry. Storm clouds blew in and there was a big thunderstorm. Granny and Thaththa thought they might have to catch you. Our midwives arrived just in time. Less than six hours from start to finish, we had a beautiful little baby girl:


The midwives weighed you in a sling. You weighed 6 lbs, 7 oz.


I was a little surprised because I’d never been a mum before. You were a little surprised because you’d never been yourself before. We didn’t even know what your name was yet. But we all welcomed you and were so happy to have you with us. You and I sat in bed for a few days and got to know each other.


Slowly, we moved you further from the bed where you were born.


In your first few days and weeks you met your new family.








Since then you’ve changed in unbelievable ways. You learned to roll over, to walk, to talk. You found your thumb, and once your hair grew in, you found you could twirl it. You went out in the world and made friends. You invented a new language. You learned to write it down. You snuggled into our chests and traveled to see your far-flung family. You have ideas and theories and opinions on sunglasses and a memory that amazes me. You are a loving big sister and a thoughtful and wonderful girl.

Happy Birthday Akka!




4 responses to ““four years ago today…”

  1. Alice Birnbaum

    Crying now. So so good.

  2. Happy Birthday A!
    And thank you for posting this; it simply made me happy after a bad Monday.
    Akka: now I know we have more in common than I thought: Not only that you love your little brother as much as I love mine, and not only that your little brother is only a year and a few months younger than you, but also that they were born almost exactly on the same date (my brother was born on January 23). A toast to all big sisters!

  3. A belated Happy Birthday! L, please pass this on to A. unless she’s an active reader of your blog.

    How are you guys? You’re coming home soon. It will be good to see you and catch up on all the details of your stay in Berlin.


  4. I am bawling.

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