flying home

We fly from Berlin to Toronto in two days. Today we said goodbye to Achchi and Seeya who are on their way home to Sri Lanka. We’re all caught in the little turmoils of being happy to go home and being sad to leave. I’m also struggling with my flying problem. I’m a nervous flyer. Not so much on the plane but for weeks and even months before a flight, I get anxious. It took me ages to realize it was happening and another age or two to start to try to get over it. I saw a shrink, learned some acupressure, dispensed with embarrassment and indulged in self-help books and online forums. It’s working, but flying and preparing to fly still take up a lot of my mental and emotional energy.

It all started with a bad flight three years ago. I wrote it all down to help me put it in perspective and put it behind me.

The kids are great flyers. Happy and excited (but not too excited). They’re looking forward to the trip and I’m looking forward to getting the trip over with … which is almost, but not quite, the same thing.



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