new things in old places

We’re home. We got back from Berlin (safely!) and turned around and went to my Dad’s cottage for two weeks. Now we’re getting used to being back at home with a few small but significant changes:

Malli is out of diapers and finished with breast feeding. I’m thrilled about the diapers and sadly content — contentedly sad? — about the breast feeding.


K. shaved his beard and revealed his face for the first time to anyone he’s met since 1989. The kids kept stroking his cheeks and Malli repeated “it’s the same dad, it’s the same dad” a few times to reassure himself.


Akka has a new confidence in the water and, although she’s not swimming yet, she’s becoming more and more adventurous. We opened a pile of mail and found some forms to fill out for kindergarten starting next month.


And, the cottage has a new kitchen which means that now that I’m home I see renovation opportunities at every turn…



3 responses to “new things in old places

  1. …and I’m so glad you’re home

  2. Great way to welcome yourself back home–a jaunt to the cottage! Yay! K. looks 10 years younger…is he actually a teenaged genius?!!! Congrats to Malli and watch out Kindergarten…here comes Super Akka! xxoo

  3. Man, am I the only one who thought you guys were in the air for three long weeks or whatever it was? Welcome home! Malli looks older than K., but they both look super cute. Now let’s see some super cute pictures of the girls, please.

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