rain barrel

We have a new rain barrel. It’s the first step in my future vegetable container garden. We’re probably too late to grow anything this year but I’m making plans to build the boxes and add the dirt and compost in anticipation of next spring. I can’t wait to water little sprouts with collected rainwater. In the meantime, the kids are using the water to “swab the deck!” every day. So, the water ends up where it would have landed had we not installed the barrel in the first place.


5 responses to “rain barrel

  1. May I be so bold as to recommend that in preparation for rainwater harvesting, a very important job is to be sure your rain gutters are kept very clean all year long. The cleaner your gutters the cleaner your rainwater.
    I invite you to come and visit me at http://www.GutterClutterBuster.com (I’m the gal in the pink sweater) and you will see this new method of cleaning your gutters. Is so easy you will clean them more often. Its safer and faster than other methods. Also, your shop vac hopper can be emptied into your compost pile or around plants to conserve even more water and have a healthier garden.
    Wishing you much success with your rain barrel and upcoming garden.

  2. We just got a new rain barrel too! Well, not exactly, we’ve had it for some time, but we just got our eavestroughs installed so now we can actually direct the water into it. Got big plans for an overflow soaker hose into the veg garden. You should come over …

  3. This made me smile as I learnt last weekend that in the UK, rain barrels like you have (with the spout) are called rain butts in the UK – funny!

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