eating dog food over the sink

I’m feeling unappreciated. I just can’t seem to do anything right according to my four-year-old. There is so much whining in this house and whining makes me crazy. Whatever I make for dinner is not good. No matter how many books I read it is not enough. If I want seven minutes of relative quiet in the morning so I can listen to the news on the radio, that’s asking too much. I know she’s four. I know kids are not inherently grateful creatures. I know that being selfish is a necessary part of learning how to be yourself. I don’t need her to thank me or to keep a running total of what I do for her. But I would like some recognition. A “that was fun” or a “what a yummy snack” thrown in once in a while would do the trick.

There’s a quote that goes around in my family that is attributed to my Nana – my Dad’s mother. I doubt she ever said it but it evokes precisely the sentiment of an under-appreciated mother: You kids have fun. Don’t mind me. I’ll just be here eating dog food over the sink.


5 responses to “eating dog food over the sink

  1. Good Lord. That phrase is definitely going to become part of my language. Thanks!

  2. Oh ya, me too.

  3. Loved this entry, L! I can completely relate. Yesterday I was told that I’m “not very nice at all, ever!” when I explained that no, I do not have any grass seed laying around to make “grass heads” (from the new Chirp mag that came in the mail for her that is supposed to be FUN, DAMMIT!)… then complete whining/crying fit all night long for grass seed. I almost don’t want to wake her up right now, because I know I’m eating dog food for breakfast today!

    Keep this up – I love your blog.

  4. I feel your pain Leah….its pretty much the same at my house

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