rattlesnake update

Halloween is over and feels very far away. We’ve composted the pumpkins, turned the page on the calendar, and survived the flu since then. The rattlesnakes were a modest success. They weren’t great but they both got made and one got worn so that counts as a modest success in my book. The final design went like this:

Cut plastic ball in half:


Sew the half-balls to a green tuque, leaving about a third free so you can add lights inside the eyes. I used MEC turtle lights (thanks for the tip, PR!). Then I pinned on a pipe cleaner snake tongue.

Akka cut shapes out of foam sheets and I glued them on, then pinned a rattle onto the tail. I attached the snake to the back of the tuque with safety pins and that was that!


Malli was going to be the white-eyed version but he rejected the whole affair. Just as we headed out trick or treating I strapped his dragon hat on which was enough to convince the neighbours to give him candy.





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