Vancouver trip

The kids and I just got back from a trip to Vancouver to visit Granny (and to save me from ten days alone with two kids while K. went to conferences). It’s cliche to complain about the weather in Vancouver but come on! It rained on fourteen out of sixteen days. We visited all sorts of friends from my Vancouver days – many of whom now have children and my two played quite happily with different new kids every day.

And, we finally got to visit Collage Collage! My artistic and entrepreneurial and brave friend Erin did what she’s been talking about doing for the past ten years: she opened a shop where kids can make stuff, parents can buy stuff, and everyone can hang out in a beautiful bright (yes, even in the rain!) space surrounded by weird and inspiring things. We dropped by one afternoon to check it out (it was all-day-pajama-day for Akka):

We came home with a few new treasures including this roll-up pencil case:

A few days later we were back for a drop-in class where Erin led the kids in a book-making activity, complete with story time.

Plus, the shop has a little tucked-away play area that kept Malli entertained long enough for Akka to finish the whole class and not need to be dragged out by a frazzled apologetic mother with crayon-throwing brother under her arm. I’m pushing for a Toronto franchise.


One response to “Vancouver trip

  1. I’m all for it! We’ll sign up for a founder’s membership. There are some great not-even-close-to-having-reached-our-full-real-estate-potential storefronts on Dundas just west of Sorauren …

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