things they say

Malli has a new haircut. His first professional haircut. I used to do it myself but he always resisted. I’d resort to slipping a towel under him while he slept. Then I’d cut whatever hair was accessible and try to turn him over without waking him up so I could cut the other side. His sleepy hands would flail out, knock into the scissors and wake him up. It would take several nights to get all the way around his head and he’d walk around with half a haircut in the meantime.

He sat beautifully at the hairdresser’s. It took about 10 minutes and he hopped down looking like a little businessman. Another parent remarked that he looked like he was on his way to Bay Street (where all the lawyers and bankers work). But it seems he has other plans:

A conversation with Malli, while driving behind a garbage truck:

Mom! That guy is riding on the outside of the truck!

Yeah, garbage workers get to do that. Looks fun eh?

Yeah. When I get taller I’m going to drive a garbage truck. And I’m going to pull the magic wand and then all the garbage gets squished up into the truck so you can’t see it.

A conversation with Akka:

Mom, is it true that life’s a butter dream?

What do you mean?

What does ‘life’s a butter dream’ mean?

Do you mean ‘life is but a dream?’

What does it mean?

It’s from the song. Row row row your boat. It means that drifting down the stream is so peaceful and nice that it makes life feel just like a dream.

Oh my god!


The world is so fabulous.


6 responses to “things they say

  1. Oh my god! The world IS so fabulous (thanks for the reminder).

  2. love it…love her….

  3. Um, pictures of the little business man, please?

  4. So handsome!

  5. My brother wanted to work on a garbage truck – riding on the back, of course – for years! I think I always realized you’d be riding right next to the stinky garbage, because I never really wanted to do it.
    The world is, indeed, fabulous.

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