a monologue

A monologue by Akka, age four:

Nothing lives forever. Like trees, they don’t. And other lights. Lights don’t last forever. If you break a light, they could be glass. And you don’t have any money and you don’t often go and get stuff when you don’t have it on the same day. And your light has to be there even when you’re dead so you shouldn’t break any lights. And also, if you broke a light, and you’re close to dying, then you should never do that because if someone else came here to live, they would have all broken lights.

Shirts don’t last forever. They get too many holes in them and we have to throw them in the garbage.

When we get to be a hundred, we’ll die.

And also, I know about energy. I know energy helps you sleep and I know energy helps you play a lot and I know energy that are for houses in my place. And also houses have bones in my place. Like people do. But blue bones and red bones and purple bones that are kind of curved and kind of stuff like that. That’s also why we have to not break houses. Then they don’t have any pipes or bones. That’s another reason you shouldn’t break houses. And if you use a really strong hammer to break your house then you shouldn’t do that because then you won’t have a house and you’ll have to live outside in your car, maybe, if you want to stay warm.


One response to “a monologue

  1. THis reminds me of that beauty pageant contestant…

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