product credibility

The kids are getting eaten alive by mosquitos. We’ve been clearing standing water from around the house, sleeping under nets, and slathering them in repellent. Still, they get bitten. The latest weapon in the war on bugs is an electric mosquito swatter. It looks like a tennis racquet but, when you hold a little button as you swipe, it electrifies and zaps the mosquito with a little sizzle and a whiff of burnt-hair smell. It’s very satisfying.

The packaging is an extra bonus.

“Hey,” I say to K. “It says this is a credible product.”

“An incredible product? That’s good.”

Nothing so arrogant as that. “Nope. Just credible”.

The rest of the bag is adorned with images of the Durable Electrical Swatter Factory where, one presumes, these things are manufactured by happy workers. Unfortunately it’s a bit hard to see what they’re working on in their large-scale teams on advanced equipment while assuring quality under standard management (with complete certificates). I, for one, appreciate their efforts and hope they are fairly compensated.


3 responses to “product credibility

  1. Made in China . . . . I guess whatever is left of communism there deserves some credit, if not for the kind of reward for workers that Marx would have approved, then at least for their mere visual appearance in the final product. In the ‘free world’, it goes without saying that the exploitative labor process is ritually excluded from representation in the commodity form.

  2. I too have complete faith in this product. I wasn’t sure at first, but since they have certificates …

    Remind me again why Sri Lankan houses don’t have screens on the windows?

  3. Ventilation. It’s not just that there are no screens on the windows, in lots of places the walls don’t go all the way to the roof. So hot air will rise and go out. If everything was screened and glassed, we’d need air conditioning. I think screens would get covered in dust and cobwebs overnight. K. says in Canada they built boxes, in Sri Lanka they build umbrellas.

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