it fits!

I finally finished Akka’s new dress. The pattern is Wisteria Child’s Dress by Angela Hahn. It’s the most ambitious thing I’ve ever knit and it took me a while because I was fiddling with the pattern to make a dress that would fit my girl. The pattern has different sizes and I used a small size but made it longer in the body and with bigger armholes. It’s a little tight going over her head but once it’s on, it fits! Now I’m going to stop feeding her so she won’t ever grow out of it.


5 responses to “it fits!

  1. It’s gorgeous. SHE’s gorgeous too. You never told us it’s such a pretty colour! Very knice nitting 🙂

  2. A masterpiece! I love the photo where she’s swishing.

  3. Surely the perfect first day of school dress!
    Well done!

  4. What a great color– it looks wonderful on her! I like the longer length too.

  5. Beautiful! I’m VERY impressed. A tip for future projects to prevent the need to starve your child: take a lesson from my mother and make (or buy) everything three sizes too big!

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