movie night in the garage

The neighbourhood moms periodically leave the kids home with the dads and head out for a night on the town. The dads decided to organize their own night and, in contrast to the moms who high-tail it out with nary a backward glance, they generously elected to hold a movie night and include everyone. And hold it in our garage.

I dug out my grandad’s old slideshow screen (which was later passed over in favour of an old sheet stapled to the wall), one neighbour signed out a projector from his office, KG picked up the movie, everyone brought snacks and we rolled couches down the alley on skateboards and wagons and into the garage. It was cold but fabulous.

We watched Charlie Chaplin’s Modern Times. Just enough action for the three-year-old, the right amount of slap-stick for the five-to-twelve year olds and impressively rendered mostly silent commentary on industrialization, the Great Depression, workers’ rights and capitalism for the grown-ups.

And, lest we get too serious, we capped off the evening with several episodes of the Annoying Orange.


One response to “movie night in the garage

  1. Your neighbourhood’s a treasure. Not to mention the MCClaydon garage.

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