first foray into felting

I made slippers for the kids. It was my first time felting. I started with blue slippers for Malli. First, I knit a giant sock:

Wait – for scale, here it is with Malli’s shoe:

Then I panicked. Is this really how it’s supposed to work? Did I read the pattern right? Did I accidently double the recipe?

No, it was right. I thrashed it about in hot hot water and got these:

Confidently, I knit Akka’s slippers. Longer and narrower for the poor child who has her mother’s and grandmother’s and great-grandmother’s skis feet.

I felted those ones down and stuck on some grippy soles. Now we just wait for snow so we can go somewhere in our snow boots with these slippers tucked into my purse.


2 responses to “first foray into felting

  1. Stunning. I haven’t been brave enough to felt socks. They’re fab.

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