a year of photos

We’re settled in to a cold winter at home. I’m taking a photo out the back window every morning and posting them here: http://www.shuttercal.com/calendar/lbirnbaum/. For now it’s all snow and grey skies but in a couple of months it will look wet and muddy, then maple syrup season starts, then the tree will bud and leaves will block the view of the sky. Hopefully the garlic we planted in the fall will grow. The patio furniture will move around the deck and toys will come and go from the scene. I’ll plant vegetables and be finishing the harvest as the leaves turn yellow and drop. By early November the yard is covered in leaves. When winter comes again it’ll be intermittent – snow, then thaw, then back to frozen stillness with grey skies a year from now.

2 responses to “a year of photos

  1. I think this is a sneaky way of trying to avoid any intercontinental travel this year! Won’t work…

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