things Akka can do

Our little five-year-old can do some amazing things. She can make her own computer, for example:

She’s made several of these in different colours. I can’t decide if she’s being creative or if we’ve already ruined her little spirit and taught her to fetishize technology by sitting in front of these screens all day ourselves.

Never mind, moving on.

She can play the piano with all her little might. She concentrates and uses her whole mind and body to press the right fingers into the right keys. (warning, video likely only of interest to those with strong ties to subject).

Today in the swimming pool she practiced getting her whole head wet and fluttered about with a flutter board for a little while. Then she came up to whisper something in my ear. “I can swim,” she said. Then she simply took a breath, stuck her face in the water and swam away.


One response to “things Akka can do

  1. Love it.

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