end of syrup season

I was watching the buds form on the maple tree and wondering when I should pull the spile. Then we had a bunch of kids over playing in the backyard this weekend and one of them pulled it out! I was worried I’d miss a day or two of sap flow which actually makes a difference to the final syrup crop when you’re only dealing with one tree. However, I think it was time and I couldn’t be bothered to put the thing back in again so that was the end of 2011 sap collection. Final yield: 17 litres.

I did the final boil-off this morning and filtered it through a cloth into an old syrup bottle and jar. I’m much more interested in the process of syrup making than I am in the final product so now I have to remember to actually make pancakes and use this stuff up before next spring.


One response to “end of syrup season

  1. That would be me, too. More interested in the process than the product most of the time. Looks yummy though. 🙂

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