working life snapshot

I have two new contracts. They came to me randomly and in quick succession. Someone needs a minor variance; someone else needs a zoning by-law and official plan amendment (exciting!) and they found me. Great! But also crazy.

My work comes in fits and spurts. When I’m busy I’m really, really busy because there isn’t much give in the kindergarten-grade-one-three-meals-a-day-bedtime-at-eight-don’t-want-to-live-in-filth timeline.

My usual week has mum-days and work-days. When I’m busy the work-days blend into the mum-days so that Malli (whose school day is shorter) finds himself eating lunch in the car while being dragged along on a site visit to assess building heights in the neighbourhood of my client’s desired new development. Every small boy’s dream!

Malli and I know how to make work fun. Or rather he knows how to make everyday things fun and when I’m smart enough to listen to him then I know how too. It helped that our friend came along and stayed with him in the park while I did the bulk of the site visiting. And we let him pee on one of the trees. He helped us spot the tallest houses for me to photograph. Then, at our next destination, he decided we should park at the top of the parking structure because the ramps are so fun and not at all nauseating and dizzying. At least it’s easy to find a spot up there:

We had just enough time to fill the tank before rushing off to fetch Akka from school. Once again he reminded that me that allowing the extra 45 seconds it takes to unbuckle him, let him pump the gas and re-buckle him can turn a mundane chore into a highlight of his day. And we weren’t even late.


2 responses to “working life snapshot

  1. There was one point last term when the daycare was shut on a day the college was open I considered bringing A to class…but it fell right during his lunch/nap time, and i wasn’t about to breastfeed in front of my students. Somehow through many convoluted accommodations it all worked out.

    • I’ve brought mine to meetings before. I think you can get away with it if you don’t do it too often. Depends on the client (or, perhaps, the lecture topic).

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