the Force of sap

It takes a one-tree sugar bush four years to fully mature. Either that or we just had good sap weather. We hit our all-time record for sap production: 21.5 litres! Hooray! Enough for a respectable-sized bottle of syrup!

Then I introduced my children to Star Wars and we started watching the movies together. I got into it and was sitting upstairs with them happily watching Return of the Jedi and answering questions from the audience:

“How come when Jabba the Hut talks the words are up on the screen but not for R2D2 or Chewbacca?

When they burned Darth Vader was the actor already dead and in the suit or did they just burn the suit?

Did Obiwan start training Luke but Yoda finished training him? But both Luke’s teachers died.

Does Princess Leia know she has the Force? How? Oh yeah, she knew Luke was calling her when he was hanging under the Cloud City.

When the Ewoks are drumming on the Storm Trooper helmets are their heads still in them?”  

This went on for some time and I forgot I was boiling sap outside. I burned five litres of sweet beautiful sap into a smokey singed mess that nearly ruined my best pot.

Still, that left 16.5 litres to be (carefully this time!) reduced to 500ml of syrup. Somehow I’m getting more than the 40:1 ratio but I’m not complaining. Pulling the spile today. Thanks, One-Tree! May the Force be with you.



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