the thin blue line

There’s a thin blue line on the sidewalk. I don’t mean a line of police officers, I mean a real blue line. A thin one.


The line runs along the sidewalk not far from our house. There is more than one, actually. Then at one corner they diverge and head off in two directions. Any time the kids and I are walking along and encounter the thin blue lines they immediately perk up and start following them. Just today they were trudging along, heads down, bent low by the dull drudgery of being well-fed children who want for nothing, when they spotted a line and got a spring in their steps. Malli tried to step on two at once getting himself into a bit of a splits situation while Akka tried to bend them with her mind.

IMG_1692  IMG_1690

It looks like someone carried a leaky bucket of paint and then walked several blocks down one street, turned left at the corner, walked for a bit, doubled back, went back up the same street for a block, and then turned left again. But that would be a weird thing to do. Maybe someone is doing an experiment on pedestrians to see how they react to paint trickles. Maybe it’s a piece of street art offering critical commentary on the fact that two schools in the area have recently been converted into police stations. I just wish I could commission the artist to walk with her leaky bucket from my front door to my kids’ school to the grocery store to the bank to the wine store and back home. It would make the daily errands quite a bit perkier.


4 responses to “the thin blue line

  1. You could always buy some tempra paint and put a pin prick in the bottle and do the trips yourself in advance. Different colours for different routes? (and washable so not total graffiti rebelliousness). Maybe try organic beet juice (or too like blood?). Will take soem thinking. For now, how about you just go read those fun kids “Harold and the purple crayon.”

  2. We do have Harold and the Purple Crayon and have been reading it for years and then Malli suddenly decided it’s too sad and went to bed weeping and wondering where Harold’s parents were and how he could be out wandering alone without them knowing. There’s a small chance he (Malli) was extremely overtired that night…

  3. update: my friend Rich pointed me to this site where the blue line has had some chatter:

  4. Maybe the work of Chalktrail? : )

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