We have moved to Berlin for a year and I’m putting this blog on hold. I’m doing some writing but I’m not going to post each snippet here as I go. My Berlin reflections may well find their way to this (or another) blog but first I’m going to try out a less immediately gratifying style of writing. We’ll see how it goes. I may find that I don’t like to write without the quick reflections of ‘likes’ and comments and spikes in my readership stats to spur me on. Or I may find that I do.

But before I go, let me not leave you in a thumb-sucking limbo. Akka has totally quit! That time back in January – that was it! And as of about a week ago, it looks like Malli has too. Big changes around here.


One response to “hiatus

  1. Even if you have gone off the grid, please know that we still “like you” and that we always love you. Bonne aventure!

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